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Brentwood Baptist Church
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Des Plaines, IL


Our Missions Outreach...

Brentwood Baptist Church supports the following missionaries and organizations financially and through our prayers:

  • Bloyd, Keith and Linda:  Italy


E-mail this missionary:  kbloyd@baptistworldmission.org

  • Buker, Dwayne and Rachel:  Spain

 E-mail this missionary:  bukerastursp@yahoo.com 

  • Dwire, Dan and Amie:  Uganda


E-mail this missionary:  Dwires@bimi.org

  • Potter, Dr. David and Jean:  Hungary


E-mail this missionary:  dpotter@baptistworldmission.org

  • Sen Hmung and Hlei Hngel:  Myanmar

E-mail this missionary:  abrahamdtshmung@gmail.com

  • Marzouks, Ishac and Rania: 

E-mail this missionary:  IshacandRaniaMarzouk@gmail.com

  • Vergiels, Chris and Darcy:  Brazil

 E-mail this missionary:  cvergiels@yahoo.com

  • Steinbart, Nathanael and Linette:  Kenya

               E-mail this missionary:  nsteinbart@baptistworldmission.org

  • Camp Joy:  Whitewater, WI


E-mail Camp Joy:  staff@campjoy.org